Commercial Loans

Start, Fund, Grow Your Business

Whatever your business size, type and life stage, our expert team can craft the perfect commercial loan solution to suit your needs.

Start-up Finance

It is notoriously difficult for start-ups to secure a business loan. Without customers and cashflow, many banks and lending institutions refuse to take a chance on new ventures.
Our brokers can help you set up an investment loan against the equity of your home or property, with the flexibility and early funding support you need to get underway.

Quick Cash Flow

Like a line of credit, a business overdraft is a useful way to tap into extra cash as and when needed.
As a commercial loan, it is priced accordingly and more favourably for your business. It offers both flexibility and peace of mind, knowing you have cash on hand for unexpected situations.
Even the best business plans can’t predict the future. That’s why this form of financing is a great way to protect your business.

Expansion and Growth

Normally secured against an asset, term loans are ideal for buying new equipment or moving to larger premises. They are fully drawn advances for a fixed length of time, with scheduled repayments.
Lease finance is also available for those businesses wanting to upgrade equipment without buying it outright. This is useful for items like printers or equipment that are constantly being superseded.

Commercial Property

We can help you secure a loan to buy a range of commercial property including offices, warehouses and factories.

Equipment Finance

Find the right loan to help you finance your new office, industrial or agricultural equipment, along with a range of business vehicles.
Drawing up a business plan – with accurate cashflow forecast and clear exit strategy – will increase your chances of securing a good commercial loan.

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