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Property Investment: Income and Asset

Property investment is a great way to create a passive income through a secure asset.
It’s far less volatile than other forms of investment, with the potential to deliver consistent rental returns well into the future.
Demand for property in Australia only seems to go on growing, as the Australian dream of home ownership goes from strength to strength.
If you’re looking for a stable and secure investment, talk to us about finding a property investment loan that’s right for you.

Be Strategic

It’s important to do your homework before buying an investment property.
Think strategically about location, property type and price range to maximise your returns. Do some research to understand the rental market, local property demand and areas most likely to increase in value.
Factor in ongoing costs to ensure you can service the investment going forward.

Build Your Portfolio

If you don’t want to stop at one, Mortgage360 can help you build a profitable portfolio of investment properties.
By leveraging the equity in your loan, you can gradually expand your portfolio with the right mix of properties.
Income, budget and ongoing costs are important factors to consider going forward. The right balance of rental yield and capital growth can ensure you make viable investments with great long-term prospects.

Understand Tax

Knowing the full tax implications of your property purchase is critical. Unlike a home loan, the costs associated with an investment loan are tax deductible.
This means you can deduct your investment property’s interest, insurance, rates, repairs and depreciation. Yet the rental income you receive will generally increase your taxable income, so you will be capital gains taxed as it appreciates in value.

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